Queen of the Road

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"Eat, Pray, Love — without the depression — meets Confessions of a Shopaholic —without the ditz. The author’s charm, intelligence and wit make this multi-faceted memoir a must-read." 

- Denver Magazine

“A charming, insightful and—most important—hilarious book that evokes the best of Bill Bryson and David Sedaris, but spotlights the unique voice of a gifted memoirist." - Jonathan Kellerman, New York Times Bestselling author.

“The ultimate fantasy road trip.” - Quick & Simple Magazine

“Part travel memoir, part diva-on-a-bus-tour comedy.” - 5280

"Queen of the Road is basically what would happen if you took me, gave me a modicum of maturity and a better education, and then tricked me into living on a (very nice) bus with my husband and pets for a year.  I loved this book and I love this author." - Jen Lancaster, bestselling author of Bright Lights, Big Ass, Bitter is the New Black and Such a Pretty Fat

“Hot Summer Read.” - Chicago Tribune

"Beneath its fun and frothy exterior, you'll find in this wild ride across America's highways and byways a lovely portrait of a marriage that treats its ups and downs with humor and grace." - Elle Magazine

"A Charles Kuralt-Albert Brooks-style romp where they meet up with nudists, robbers and more. Required Reading." - New York Post

"Orion has every good travel writer's ability to make readers feel they are there, to capture the telling details of places, and to present the account in a witty, accessible way. Reading the book makes you want to hit the road and have some of your own grand adventures. This is a fun read that will make just about anyone start itching for a road trip. Grade A."Rocky Mountain News

"Two psychiatrists driving a motorhome around America, and you're still wondering whether to buy this book? Step on the gas and go straight to the register." - Jeff Arch, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter, Sleepless in Seattle

"Doreen Orion has a fresh, wry voice that's all her own and she works it like a rodeo rider in her light-hearted and yet tender new memoir, Queen of the Road." - Jacquelyn Mitchard, bestselling author of The Deep End of the Ocean and Cage of Stars 

"Doreen Orion and her handyman husband Tim prove, with abundant laughs and martini shaker in hand, that sometimes the best way to enrich home-life is to leave the home...or, better yet, just put it on wheels." - Franz Wisner, bestselling author of Honeymoon with My Brother


"In this hilarious 2008 memoir, married psychiatrists Doreen (a pampered Long Island princess) and Tim Orion (an avid outdoorsman) hit the road just for the heck of it in a converted 340-square-foot bus. Yet for all their differences, and despite their close quarters, the two manage to keep each other laughing all the way from the UFO festival in Carlsbad, New Mexico, to the Finger Lakes in upstate New York. Bonus: Each chapter opens with an original martini recipe based on one of the many misfortunes of their trip." American Way Magazine (the inflight magazine of American Airlines)

"You will never look at a psychiatrist the same way again. And you will never take a bus driver for granted, either." - John Robison, bestselling author of Look Me In the Eye

“His dream – he's always wanted to see America in a converted bus – and her nightmare –she has a bus phobia – and their mid-life crisis on wheels make for a hilarious reading adventure.” - Mary-Lou Weisman, author of Traveling While Married

"A funny, inspiring travel memoir of one couple's cross-country motorhome trip and how it changed their lives.... an action-packed, romantic journey of trials and transformations." - Family Motor Coaching Magazine

"Will take you away from whatever place you might be...find(s) the funny in the world around us." -Tulsa World

 "You can't go wrong with this book. [It's] like welcoming a friend back from a fabulous vacation: You can't wait to get comfortable and hear the inevitable stories from the road, and Doreen Orion has plenty... You'll see yourself and several friends in these pages. You'll laugh out loud... Queen of the Road is a royal treat."- Terri Schlichenmeyer, syndicated book critic 

"Queen of the Road gets us right where we live... and makes us want to go back for more." - Martha Frankel, author Hats & Eyeglasses: A Memoir


"With a creative and contextual martini recipe to start off each chapter, and a dose of self-deprecating humour to keep the tone light, this is a fast and fun read. More than once, I was caught in a public place, guffawing out loud at Doreen and Tim’s antics and adventures. Lessons are learned, values are enhanced, and crises are averted. I closed the book at the end with a smile on my face, and anecdotes to share with my friends in recommending that they read Queen of the Road themselves." - Nora Dunn

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