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News proves just how smart they are by interviewing Your Queen for Luxury Retirement on Wheels.


AOL's Daily Finance interviews Your Queen on Test Driving Retirement.


Royal Nuditity featured on the main page of Travelated.


Sex, weirdness and Your Queen on AOL's Weird News. Do you really need to know anything else?

. quotes your Queen on Ways to Buy Happiness


 Yahoo Health On Queen D. (Well, OK. Vitamin D, but Your Queen is quoth.)


   FOX NEWS website quotes your Queen on the jubilant centennial of the RV. The RV Turns 100!


The Jewish Daily Forward  quotes your Queen.   What could be bad?


  What a trip! Camping Road Trip does a story on Queen of the Road.


  Your Queen hits the front page of AOL.COM (along with the Royal Poodle). Sir Tim settles for a click through.


  MSN includes your Queen amongst its Top 10 Ways to Thrive in a Recession.


 The Chicago Tribune and Orlando Sentinel provide a Post-Recession Prosperity Plan with the generous help of your Queen.              


Fidelity Investor's Quarterly pledges their fidelity to your Queen by Taking America's Rescession Lessons to Heart. watches your Queen.


The Queen is interviewed on Women's Day Radio "Live Well Everyday" by Women's Day Editor In Chief Jane Chesnutt.  Check out the archives for 7/13/09 to listen. 


The Queen is interviewed by John Dipietro. Replay here.   


U.S. News & World Report July 2009 issue interviews the Queen for the article, "Frugal Forever?" (About relinquishing the Royal Palace and certain Queenly ways to live in the bus. No increased taxation for this monarch's subjects!) 


American Way Magazine (the inflight magazine of American Airlines) dubs QUEEN OF THE ROAD a "page-turner travelogue." We hereby dub it, "Sir American Way."


QUEEN OF THE ROAD becomes a finalist for the Colorado Authors League Top Hand Award.


The Daily Beast goes royal with a Queenly essay on our obsession with obsessions.


QUEEN OF THE ROAD hits #1 on Bookmovement's Book Club Best Seller List the week of April 5, 2009. parks Queen of the Road on its list of Popular Book Club Picks.


The Royal Head gets examined on Dr. Carole's Couch.


Listen to your Queen (always, of course—do you really need to be reminded?) on Lansing, Michigan’s "Ebling and You," 1320 AM WILS.

The Denver Post requires Our Royal Assistance to deconstruct Love Under Construction.


Publishers Weekly finds value in our Queenly website.


The Royal Offspring star in a Fancy Feast internet commercial. Can the Queen Herself be far behind?


The Gray Lady curtsies to the Queen when We are interviewed in the The New York Times Sunday Style section.


The Kingdom expands into Taiwan: Rights to Queen of the Road sold to Marco Polo Press, a division of Cite Publishing, LTD. (And Marco Polo thought he got around. Sniff.)


Keep listening to your Queen, but don't try this one at home. Leave it to the professionals: an interview on PsychJourney.

Queen of the Road is chosen as the nonfiction book club pick for the week of November 3, 2008. Yes, just before the election—so, come back to the monarchy! All is forgiven!

The Empire expands again! Korean rights to Queen of the Road sold to Sigongsa Co. Ltd.

The Miami Herald displays royal taste.

 to your Queen, especially when she's interviewed on NPR
 (WAMC Northeast Public Radio).


The Queen is interviewed on Travel Talk Radio. Tune in here


The Queen goes Walking on Air with Betsy and Sal (and she didn't even buy a new pair of shoes for the occasion). Listen to the podcast here.


In honor of her Royal Birthday, the Queen bestows her take on Women's Liberation for the Huffington Post.


The Queen appears on Austin's KAMX-FM, on the "Bridget & Carey Happy Hour Show." Listen.


DO'H! The Queen is interviewed on Homer, Alaska's NPR station, KBBI. Listen here.


On July 29th, Queen of the Road goes into its fifth printing, almost eight weeks since publication. Quite a bit more than the standard, "heir and a spare," wouldn't you say? We would.


The Queen talks aboot her book on Canada's "Holder Tonight" with Peter Anthony Holder. Click here to listen.


The Baltimore News deems Queen of the Road a "hot summer read" and who are We to argue?


The Queen discusses the ins and outs of love at a nudist park. Read her June 12, 2008 Huffington Post blog essay. 


The Queen thumbs her nose at political correctness at the pump. Fill up on her June 2, 2008 Huffington Post blog. 


Nevada NPR's (KNPR) Dave Berns interviews the Queen on State of Nevada. Listen here also likes me! (Queen of Sloth is a compliment, right?) Read it.


The Boulder Daily Camera (the Royal hometown paper) likes me! They really like me! (We are just glad We don't have to cancel Our subscription.) Read it!


The Queen is interviewed on Doug Stephan's RadioAmerica GoodDay Show (syndicated to 350 stations nationwide). Listen to the podcast.


The Chicago Tribune parks Queen of the Road on its "Summer Reading List."


The Queen reunited with Her favorite radio host when She is interviewed on KGO's Gil Gross Show in San Francisco. Listen to the June 17th broadcast. (He's such a mensch.) 


The Oregonian's book editor, Jeff Baker, interviews the Queen on June 13, 2008.


Queen of the Road hits the Denver Bestseller List on 6/17/08.


Quick and Simple Magazine does a two page feature spread on the Queen of the Road trip for its June 23, 2008 issue.


The Queen on AM Northwest KATU-TV, Portland, June 16, 2008 and Your Life A to Z, KTVK-TV, Phoenix, June 25, 2008. Watch the interviews.


Borders has chosen Queen of the Road as its top Feature in its Book Club for June! (We vow to never step foot in a B+N, again.)


The utterly delectable Celestial Seasonings has chosen Queen of the Road as its June book club pick. Check out the Celestial Seasonings site for suggestions on teas, decorating tips, entertaining activities, recipes and music suggestions for this and other book club picks throughout the year. (We always knew they had impeccable taste!)


Queen of the Road chosen by Elle Magazine as a Readers’ Prize contender for the July '08 issue.  


breakfast of champions

Target has selected Queen of the Road as a Target Breakout Book August 10 through October 11, 2008. (Guess where Our new favorite place to shop is.)


Publishers Weekly mentions Queen of the Road in its article, "London Book Fair '08: What's in Your Briefcase?" (March 17, 2008). Welcome to the Kingdome, PW!


German rights sold to Blanvalet in January 2008. Queen of the Autobahn, here We come!


The Royal Couple interviewed by Hitched Magazine (October 9, 2006) on “10 Things Driving Cross-Country With My Spouse Taught Me.” Read the article.



Our trip in an article on on Creative Prime Time. (June 1, 2006)


Our trip merits a spread in Psychiatric News (the journal of the American Psychiatric Association). (January 6, 2006) Read the article online here.


Our blog mentioned in Andy Serwer’s Street Life column on (July 14, 2004):

EISNER AFTER DISNEY: What should Michael Eisner do with the rest of his life? Our readers had some advice…. Doreen thought Eisner should head across the country for a year in a bus — you can check out her journey here. Cute dog! 
(Hey, thanks, Serwer, but what are We, chopped liver?)




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