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I love book clubs. I've been in one with a fabulous group of women—all Queens in their own right—for over ten years. Even while writing Queen of the Road, I hoped it would find a particular place in the hearts of book club members. I hope it does in yours. To help spark your discussion, Tim and I came up with  reading group questions over several (and I mean several) martini-filled happy hours. They're kinda deep... but really, what do you expect from two shrinks?

(They converted our bus in Denver, Colorado.) I hope what comes across in Queen of the Road is that this book has been a labor of love. After I wrote each chapter, Tim would read it and we’d reminisce about our travels. In a way then, it felt like our amazing trip was extended far beyond the one year. I like to think that even if I knew no one else would ever read it, I’d still have written Queen of the Road. But, once I had a publisher, I truly found myself waking up every day marveling, “I can’t believe I get to write this book!” 

Snuggling down in the back of the bus with a good book.Thank you for reading it. Really. And, to really thank you, I'd love to be invited to call in to your book group when you discuss Queen of the Road. (I just invited myself, didn't I? How rude! Just ignore me, if you like.) I've been "attending" fabulous book groups by speakerphone all over the U.S. and Canada, and it's been tons of fun (at least for me). I'd love to thusly be invited to yours for 30 minutes or so, Mondays through Thursdays. Even though I can no longer go to book clubs in person, rest assured I'll be wearing my pajamas and if it's after five p.m. (your time zone or mine - I'm not particular) will be sipping a martini. You?

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